About Amboli

Amboli is a tourist place situated in Western Ghats of Maharashtra. This village is blessed with natural surroundings. It is situated on the Vengurla-Belgaum state highway. The population of the village is only 3864. The village is comprised of 12 different localities (called wadi) and a Sub-urban Locality (called Gavthan).

There are various sightseeing spots situated near Amboli which attract tourists. The famous Amboli waterfall is about 3 km from the village. Tourists also love to take the same route further to visit “Satichi Wadi”. Another lovely point called “Kavlesad” is also there.

On the Vengurla-Belguam Highway there is diversion for “Hiranyakeshi” river, which is another scenic tourist spot. It is named so because it is believed that the king “Hiranyakashyap” had done meditation at this place. The birth place of this river is in the eastern area and this river flows in the same eastern direction on further, this river goes to Karnataka state and connects to the river Ghataprabha.

“Shridevi Mauli” is the main goddess of Amboli village. “Shridevi Mauli” is an avatar of Goddess “Maa Durga”. People believe that she fulfills the wishes of her worshippers. There are many other temples in Amboli. At “Bajarwadi” you will visit the Shriram Temple, Datta Temple and Hanuman Temple. In the western area of Amboli there is Shri Purvicha Vas Temple and in the eastern area there is Nangarthaskari Temple. At Hiranyakeshi you will see the Bhagawan Shiv Temple.

Through Gavthan area there is way to Raghaveshwar. At Raghaveshwar there is temple of Swaymbhu (self-originated) Ganpati. At this Place Shri Bharatdas Maharaj has taken Samadhi.

Amboli has total 8 primary schools, and 3 High schools.

  • Union English School.
  • Amboli Sainik School
  • Amboli Public School.

Amboli has a State transport facility and other medicinal facilities. Amboli Gram-Panchayat has a Primary health center facility and has Sub station facility.

Amboli Gram-Panchayat has good water supply facility. There are three different water supply facilities. Pradhikaran Nal Yojana provides water in Bajarwadi Locality of Amboli Village. Water supply to other localities is provided through Bhikeshan Nal Yojana .

These water supply projects were undertaken & successfully implemented by Amboli Gram-Panchayat. For Nangarthas Garadwadi locality the water is supplied through Bore wells.

Places of Interest:

  • Amboli waterfall
  • Sunset Point
  • Rajwada
  • Mahadev Gad Point
  • Hiranyakeshi Tirth
  • Raghaeshwar Devsthan
  • Nangartas Water Falls
  • Parikshit Point
  • Kavlesad Point
  • Reshim Kendra
  • Raghaweshwar Maruti Mandir

Localities (Wadi) in Amboli Village:

Gavthan, Faujdarwadi, Harijanwadi, Bajarwadi, Jakatwadi, Nangarwak, Bunglewadi, Satichiwadi, Mulwandwadi, Kamatwadi, Fanaswadi, Nangarthas, Garadwadi.

Temples in Amboli Village:

Gramdevata Muali, Hiranyakeshi, Datta mandir, Raghaveshwar, Swayabhu Ganpati, Ling Sateri Bhavai, Mharingan, Nangarthaskari, Purvicha Vas.

Amboli has very rare varieties of Herbal medicines. There are nearly 4000 to 4500 rare varieties of trees. In Amboli there is facility of 300 to 400 rooms for the tourists, made by Local Private Hotels and MTDC (Maharashtra State Tourism Development Corporation). Amboli receives an annual rainfall of 750 centimeters. The temperature here is 24 c. to 17 c for most of the days of a year. The second largest tissue culture center in India is situated at Amboli. Nearly 2, 00,000 tourists visit Amboli every year.

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